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Worldwide Airplane Faux Pas – With these airplane designs, the dream of flying remained just a dream

In December 1903, Orville Wright made the first manned and controlled powered flight. After that there were further attempts to get people into the air and one or the other aircraft design left a lot to be desired and, to be honest, caused a lot of confusion. Some of the planes that followed were perfectly planned in theory, but when they were implemented you realized that the idea was actually doomed to fail. With some models, tragic accidents had to happen before you realized that the aircraft was completely unsuitable. What were the biggest plane failures and what did they look like? You will find out if you read on…

Fisher P-75 Eagle

The Fisher P-75 Eagle was actually invented as a fighter aircraft by General Motors’ Fisher Body Division. The word “Eagle” was meant to embody the glory of America and the number “75” was inspired by the French 75mm gun. It was used as a weapon in World War I. The aircraft took years to build and despite all of the unique equipment used in its construction, did not have the performance required. This eventually made the plane a huge failure.

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