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The new ultrasonic toothbrush that is safer and healthier for your teeth

Summary: Europe’s dental hygiene capital has developed a revolutionary new device that allows you to massage, clean and whiten your teeth in less than a minute. Many are already throwing away their old electric toothbrush for this device and it seems really poised to take the oral hygiene world by storm.

Do you have sensitive gums? Absolutely hate dental floss? Are you just so lazy in the morning and would rather have 5 more minutes of sleep? Are you afraid of dentists? Then you definitely want to take a look at this new device.

Brushing your teeth hasn’t really changed since the invention of the electric toothbrush, but people still get tooth decay, yellow teeth, and spend fortunes on trips to the dentist. Has science really not found a more effective and easier way to take care of your teeth?

It turned out that a new device literally cleans all teeth at once, saving time, money and effort, and making cleaning teeth easy and even enjoyable!

It’s spreading like wildfire across Europe and I just had to check it out to see what all the hype is about.

Clean all your teeth at once?

It’s called the TeethCare, the latest invention of a startup from the tiny European country of Liechtenstein, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality dental equipment.

It was really a simple idea, how can we make brushing our teeth as quick and painless as possible so that even the laziest of people can do it?

The solution was the uSmile Pro, a vibrating mouthpiece that vibrates 5000 times per minute, allowing for a thorough and effective cleaning without hair or threads hurting your gums, and with a special blue light that completes the whitening of teeth and stubborn coffee or coffee removes tobacco stains.

And the best? It takes less than a minute to clean ALL teeth at once.

All you have to do is just follow these two simple steps:

  • Put some toothpaste around the TeethCare
  • Put it in your mouth and press the power button. This is so easy. In less than a minute, your teeth will be clean and bright

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