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Complete procedure for taking loan from Akhut Foundation

If you want to start a small business while living in Pakistan, you can get a loan from Akhut Foundation without interest

Can be found if you want to plant fruit trees or run a small shop

Or want to open a milk shop

If you want to do any type of work at a small level, then you can get a loan from Ekhot Foundation without interest at all.

Can apply for mail order loans from all over Pakistan

So far, thousands of people have started business by taking loans from Akhut Foundation. You can also apply for loans by going to your nearest Akhut office.

Eligibility Criteria for Borrowing

Candidates having ID card

Age limit from 18 to 62 years

Be physically fit

The candidate should not be a criminal or guilty of any illegal activity

Candidate should possess good morals and character

Candidate must furnish two sureties

You are a resident of the area from which you are applying for the loan

The candidate will need the following documents

Copy of identity card of self and guarantor

Copy of the bill

Fresh pictures

Copy of marriage certificate if married

What will be the process of disbursement of brotherhood loan?

First the candidate will submit the loan application form after which your application will be checked after that if the candidate meets the eligibility then his application will be checked by the senior staff after which the candidate’s application will be approved. will be rejected

After that the candidate will be informed about the loan approval and you will collect the loan from your nearest Akhut Foundation office.

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